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When I looked at what happened between Palm Sunday & Easter

Every year I feel like a wanna-be Catholic because I'm annoyed at the lack of focus in the Protestant tradition on what the story is between Palm Sunday and Easter. Looking at the pivotal moment of Jesus' arrest. No one talks about it enough among the Protestants, and it's such a rich story. I looked closely at this story again and it's something else!

Jesus had just finished praying a LOT (and was annoyed that he had to actually WAKE UP his disciples who had FALLEN ASLEEP).

Judas knew he'd be there because that was his spot. Judas led soldiers and officials right to him. They brought weapons.

Intimidating right? They ask, "Where's this Jesus person?" And Jesus says, "That's me." They ask again and he says "DID YOU NOT HEAR ME THE FIRST TIME? MEEEEEE" and his "friends" fall back. He's doing them a favor, saving their bahookies so none of them get taken.

Peter then CUTS OFF THE EAR of one of the official's servants! And Jesus whirls on him "Live by the sword, die by the sword." (Not Shakespeare or Fast and Furious.)

Now the soldiers are good and mad; they tie Jesus up and bring him to Annas, father in law of a high priest. Imagine that-- he's not only arrested, he's tied up. What would you think if you saw that?

It's not like he's being accommodating and nice and what you would call Prince of Peace-ish.

The high priest asks Jesus about his teachings. He said, "I had tons of crowds. I said nothing secretly. Ask them."


And then Jesus said "I SAID WHAT I SAID. Point out the lie. You can't."

And that earned him a trip back to Caiaphas, tied up again.


You know, I used to (think I) have a big mouth like that. I learned pretty young to not say everything I thought. And I learned as I got older how and when to deploy powerful words -- a good thing to know. So I appreciate this a lot, what he said and when and how he said it. At some point, he didn't mince words anymore and he didn't stay silent.

This man did not want to die, definitely didn't want to die in this excruciating execution by the state, and said so. He saw the end coming and also was maybe just fed up with everyone from the disciples (I still can't get over that they were asleep at a time like this) to the high officials (but the Marys were more on point). And so he said his piece, amen.

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