I'm the director of digital communications at a national nonprofit, a mom, a writer, a reader, a traveler, a lover of arts of many kinds. 

I lead creative communications campaigns that center marginalized voices, support policy-changing grassroots action, and drive organizational growth. 


The writing I do here, though, doesn't drive a thing. This is where I explore without goals. I inquire after the tender place in me that listens to trees, the curious place that wonders about the physics of stars, the analytic place that deconstructs film and books and tv and politics, the joyful place that puts it all together in stories of our lives. Please contact me if you want to write together! Collaborating and finding ways to lift up each other is an endless source of energy and joy.

I earned an AB from UC Berkeley and a JD from American University's Washington College of Law, where I worked on complex international human rights litigation and focused my studies on women's rights and human rights. I've also earned the title of volunteer doula, which has been some of my proudest work.