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Keep going, #keepmarching, no matter what Squirrelwig says

So, how about that speech. I heard a Republican caller on CSPAN say that she loved it! He said all the great things! I saw a lot of agreement that his base would eat it up, and they did.

Hearing that so many people think that was actually a good speech really made me feel like giving up on writing (if not this planet). Because I would never, ever write something that shitty (for public consumption) in substance or style. And maybe that means no one will ever like my writing.

But then I thought, maybe that's A-OK!

And then I remembered how gaslighting works.

And then, happily, my Twitter feed made me feel like there *are* other people who heard how off-key, nonsensical, poorly delivered, and downright vile that speech was. Including the manipulative, horrible moment of showcasing the pain of the Navy SEAL widow.

And then I felt like, ok, I'm always going to love the thinky beautiful writers like Edwidge Danticat, Jacqueline Woodson, Isabelle Allende. So I won't be alone if they're on my bookshelf.

And then I thought, I kind of really like my writing voice, no matter who else does or doesn't.

And there was this hilarity:


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