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Why Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan Tatum lip sync battling is all you need in life

If you watch that video and never come back to finish this post, I'd forgive you.

I'm typing away to the rhythm of Ginuwine's "Pony."

It was kind of an up and down week but this? Made life WORTH LIVING 100%. Any one of these reasons on their own will do, but altogether? I have no reasons to complain about anything ever again:

  • Channing and Jenna look at each other like they'll always be in love, even when she doesn't have those POST BABY ABS FROM HEAVEN.

  • Jenna nails the role reversal. And I mean she hammers, nails, and welds the shit out of that performance.

  • Channing cannot keep it together. But Channing doesn't have to pretend to keep it together. The joy of all this is that Channing can look as embarrassed and stoked as he is. Even his backup dancers look like they are at peak stoke for him. That's loyalty.

  • Channing's turn. Channing has all and only respect for Queen Bey, as well he should.

  • Jenna, now adorably hoodied, dances adorably with the adorable LL.


  • Chrissy Teigen looks like she just found out Santa and his flying sleigh are real, unicorns are real, magic carpets are real, and SHE GETS TO RIDE THEM ALL.

  • LL Cool J gives the performance of a lifetime, looking actually shocked that this is all happening on his show.

  • The audience loses their shit, adorably.

  • Beyonce performs for a minute, gives Channing snaps up and down for his fabulous look that is her fabulous look, embraces him and throws metaphoric sparkles on everyone, and strides off the stage, having slayed Channing, Chrissy Teigen, LL Cool J, the adorably hoodied Jenna, the studio audience, and millions who have seen the video. It's like the pinnacle of a revival meeting. IT IS EVERYTHING.

So therefore that's my supertonic Whole30 magical answer to everything in life.

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