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doing the thing- 5K Day at #nanowrimo

The thing about these 30 day writing challenges is that it can be so emotionally draining to worry about the writing and to want to, to long to do the writing, that you have nothing left for the writing itself.

That's been my deal every year the past few years, and, unsurprisingly, it hasn't been limited to writing challenges. Worrying about planning, worrying about parenting, worrying about working has been such an integral part of my daily life -- along with calming my worries -- that I've practically doubled the time it takes to plan, parent, and work.

This year is different, though. It's a pleasure to set aside the worries, the what if's, the speculation and just write away. That's the liberating thing about the challenge-- making your goal to finish the challenge frees you from worry. You don't have to think about what step this is in world domination, or whatever your ultimate life goals are. This may not get you there at all. It's just something you do because you have to, because you've decided you're a writer, not a worrier. At least, you can pretend along with me until the end of the month when we've hit 50,000 words.

Today, I'm celebrating this milestone: earning my #NaNoWriMo 5K sticker!

Not bad. See you tomorrow.

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