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9/11 - this year no dress codes

I always remember being in DC on 9/11, and all we went through after that. Those with whom I lived and studied know best what I mean, those AK-47s in front of embassies in DC, those multiple bomb threats and blizzards, the sniper and anthrax and local neighborhood homicides and needles.

Today I received a text message from my kid's teacher at 6:50 AM. "It's PATRIOT DAY! Wear red white blue!"

Intensely annoyed as I lifted and dug through shirts in my drawer

I did not want to be subjected to more scrutiny on my dress than usual

I did not want to think about clothing much today.

Maybe I was annoyed because maybe I'm more sensitive today than other days, too.

Dropping the kids off, I looked around the playground.

Kids were wearing green and pink, red and blue, black and gray

A bit of this and that

Whatever they wanted to wear.

Parents and grandparents in suits, in comfy clothing

Same as every other day

Saying hello.

And I felt so happy

Probably a part of me that really appreciates

truth as freedom


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