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Heard this one yet? A favorite of mine

Lute Music by Kenneth Rexroth The Earth will be going on a long time Before it finally freezes; Men will be on it; they will take names, Give their deeds reasons. We will be here only As chemical constituents— A small franchise indeed. Right now we have lives, Corpuscles, Ambitions, Caresses, Like everybody had once— Here at the year's end, at the feast Of birth, let us bring to each other The gifts brought once west through deserts— The precious metal of our mingled hair, The frankincense of enraptured arms and legs, The myrrh of desperate, invincible kisses— Let us celebrate the daily Recurrent nativity of love, The endless epiphany of our fluent selves, While the earth rolls away under us Into unknown snows and summers, Into untraveled spaces of the stars. *** Tweet your thoughts to @Anita_Sarah. Thank you!

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