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Joy Reid pointed to the #IAmASuburbanMom hashtag and it is quite amazing. I'll share just a few posts; you can add yours below if you'd like! It's in response to MN Sen. Gazelka demanding of Gov. Walz, "Where is the apology to the moms out in the suburbs scared to death?"

I'd say the responses are at LEAST as amazing as the fact that the Golden Gate Bridge now sings and can be heard from as far away as Oakland (for those in earshot... I'm sorry and I hope they get dampers on it soon).

* "I am a suburban mom and grandmother and I am sick of this racist bullshit and Trump. So is MY mom AND my grown daughters. We have three generations of suburban moms coming for you in November. All from red states. #BlackLivesMatter #IAmASuburbanMom"

* "I am a suburban mom. I don’t need an apology. I need the GOP Senate to support meaningful legislation to address systemic racism and police brutality. I need the GOP Senate to be more than just sad and sorry that #GeorgeFloyd was killed by police. #IAmASuburbanMom #mnleg" - Jamie Becker-Finn
* "Hi! Mom from the suburbs here. I don’t need an apology. I need action to protect the lives and well-being of Black, Indigenous and people of color. #IAmASuburbanMom" (Lt. Gov. of MN Peggy Flanagan)
* "IAmASuburbanMom who can hear dog whistles. We see straight through your attempts to divide based on race and zip code. And we choose fighting for liberty and justice for all, no exceptions." - Anat Shenker
* "#IAmASuburbanMom and I am outraged at the senseless murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless others. I stand with the protestors, I kneel with Colin Kapernick, I will use my voice and my privilege to call out racism whenever I see it. #BLACKLIVESMATTER" Marissa
* "What a total effing tool to think there aren't any Black suburban moms whose kids are in danger too. Just mind boggling how small and sad that guy's worldview is. #IAmASuburbanMom" - Nicole Lesperance
* "With all due respect, the most important thing the white women tweeting #IAmASuburbanMom can do for everyone, is find the 47% of your friends that helped put this racist, misogynist in office & start your work there. Thank you, all of us." - Kimberly Seals Allers, a Black breastfeeding advocate

There it is. This gives me hope. We are speaking more frankly, more honestly, and we are acknowledging that politics is for everyone, not just for those on Capitol Hill.

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