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How to vote! A simple 1-2-3 plan

Have you made a plan to vote yet? It's easy!

1. First, click here to find out if you're registered to vote and to request a mail-in ballot if you want one.

2. Next, decide if you want to vote at a polling location or if you want to vote from home.

If you've requested a mail-in (aka absentee) ballot, you'll be voting from home and dropping the ballot in the mail or in a certified drop box. There are terrific resources at NBC News and Washington Post to help you .

And if you already know how you're going to vote, these sites are still worth checking out because they're so well-done, along with and votesaveamerica.

From NBC:

When is the deadline to register to vote? You have 23 days left to register online, the deadline is Monday, Oct. 19. There are 38 days left until Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 3. See more information on registering to vote in California here.

3. Last, decide when you're going to fill out your ballot and drop it in the mail or at a drop box, or when you're going to go to the polls. If you're mailing it back, I think the easiest thing is to just fill it out the same day you get it and mail it back the next day.

If you're planning to go to a polling

place, keep in mind that going to the polls early might be an option in your state. Decide if you're going in the morning, in the afternoon, in the later afternoon.

If you decide to go on Tuesday, November 3 itself, make a plan to wear comfortable shoes, dress for the weather, bring a mask, bring a snack and water, use the bathroom before you go, and plan to wait in line. If I were voting in person, I would bring a book to avoid doomscrolling.

And that's it! If you're eligible to vote, be a voter! Together we can make history this election season with never-before-seen voter turnout. Let's do it!

A person stands in front of the post office sign in Yosemite National Park, holding up an envelope and wearing a hat and a lavender mask.
Me mailing a bundle of voter encouragement postcards from the post office in Yosemite


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