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#VoteYourOssoff AND Love For Tabby's Star, all in one day

Ok all you astronomers and fans out there, let me say off the bat that I have no idea what's going on with Tabetha Boyajian's Star.

But do we not all love Boyajian's Star because we get to dream?

We have all kinds of dreams in this household. It's #VoteYourOssoff Day on our part of Earth.

But it's also Tabetha Boyajian's Star day (every day is Tabby's Star day), when we get to dream about aliens and/or nanobots who have their emotional intelligence together enough to build themselves a fabulous cosmic megastructure.

Don't nitpick over things like whether or not aliens or nanobots HAVE emotions, let alone emotional intelligence. Because unlike us, we sorry humans who can't stop fighting each other over ridiculous stuff long enough to LOOK UP from our own navels and across the beautiful velvet black vacuum of space and consider doing something really big all together, they might be already doing big things all together.

I mean, we figured out Hands Across America that one time. And, on a seriously amazing note, we've got Black Lives Matter leading the way on figuring out liberation (and obviously we *all* have to pitch in on BLM's work here). So I think all hope is not lost. Who's to say we can't get it together to avoid getting swallowed up by the sun a billion years from now and work right now to nudge our solar system over a little bit for our planet's future?

Not I.


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