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A good walk home, or, why every kid should have a high school helper

This is the cheeriest thing ever so I have to share. A few days of the week, I'm able to pick up the kids after school. It's sometimes challenging because they're often hungry and cranky. And because there are often hungry cranky high schoolers who also just got out of school nearby.

So the other day I'm walking back to the car with P and S, who are, you guessed it, hungry and a little cranky. Walking on the sidewalk toward us are two high school boys, kind of big and wearing baseball caps that only sort of hide their faces and walking in that sort of long-limbed unruly way.

So I try to gather in P&S so we don't get run down.

But S pulls away and starts walking like her dad's in some BBC interview on South Korea. Like practically skipping.

And then she sings, "Hi Conrad!" (Wut)

And then Conrad practically sings back, "Hi S!" I mean the kid really lights up.

You could have knocked me over with a feather. I'm all "Who WAS that?" and S says, "That's Conrad! My high school helper!"

Turns out S' class has two high school helpers, Will and Conrad. They help the teacher and the kids. I can't tell you how delighted I am that she gets to have these gentle, happy interactions with those boys.

I think about that every time I pick them up from school now. Makes me smile.

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