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Is anyone else out there in tears over Patti Smith's performance?

I am, I am.

I wish I could write something to appreciate how much her writing makes me feel, how it's both so magical and so earthly. How it makes a space for us to be vulnerable and human and also to touch something vastly beyond individual experience. How her music connects us to something deeply personal and also transcending all of us.

I want to be able to say more, but her art just makes me cry and feel grateful.

You can watch her unforgettable, soul-opening performance on the Nobel Prize's Facebook Page:

And if you want more Patti, I highly recommend her latest book M Train. I was at a local bookstore and picked up some essential Adrienne Rich while I was at it. It turned out to be a gorgeous pairing. Mixing magic can be very effective.

Here is the video a little bit into her performance. I would watch as much of the whole video as you have time for, because it's a beautiful thing to be able to watch a ceremony that so much of this world participates in.


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