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TV in my queue- What's in yours?

A queue for TV I want to see is something like a list for books I want to read. It's full of hope and mystery and anticipation. There might be a time in my life when I can luxuriate enough to watch this and read that!

Indulging in these kinds of lists is what makes life worth living. In that spirit, here's my current list. it changes depending on what my friends are watching. Despite that, I still haven't seen The Walking Dead or really much of Game of Thrones. The beauty of a TV watching list is that consistency isn't a huge deal. No one's paying me to watch TV and analyze stories-- yet! Let's make it happen, universe!

With that:

Master of None. I'm actually one episode from the end. This show! Is as good as my friends have advertised. Smart, charming, funny dialogue delivered really well. I don't care what people say, Aziz' parents are perfect. His mom's delivery reminds me of Marilyn on Northern Exposure (another show I didn't watch as much as some friends, but enough that I caught a couple charming Marilyn scenes).

Jessica Jones. Marvel, detective, awesome brilliant female lead. That's all I needed to know to know I needed to watch.

Man in the High Castle. My spouse is a huge fan of Philip K. Dick and there have been some good translations of his work from the page to the screen. After checking out a few of those like "A Scanner Darkly," and also after over a decade of living with him, I'm inclined to trust his taste. The trailer for this series looked intriguing, as well. Who hasn't wondered about alternative histories and what would have happened if X happened or didn't happen?

A few shows that I've been able to watch very occasionally and would love to catch up on because they're so delightful:

- Brooklyn 9-9 (Bay Area love for Andy Samberg)

- Fresh Off the Boat (Nailed that first generation experience)

- Scandal (don't kill me, good citizens of Shondaland)

And then some oldie/goodies that have been on the list for so long because I haven't actually been able to watch them (shh, don't tell my sense of hope that it's wasting its time):

- Game of Thrones

- The Wire

And I know I have to get my act together and get on Empire at some point.

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