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it's cool leather jacket time

It's been ONE OF THOSE WEEKS with the kids! God love 'em.

Self-care stopped by the house, took one look, and backed away fast. So nope, I didn't do yoga or meditate or take healing walks (er, not that I usually do--another thing to get on!). It all sounded nice in theory, but, I am noticing, I wasn't living my best life (TM).

Just kept plugging away and gritting my teeth. Hmm. Now that I write it out, that doesn't sound like a good long-term plan.

A Facebook friend who read this (I posted it as a status update) reminded me to hang in there since parenting would be so rewarding one day, right? I agreed to hang on to that belief "harder than Tommy Caldwell gripping the Dawn Wall with nine fingertips" which I meant with all the respect and awe Caldwell is due for this:

MAYBE I NEED A COOL LEATHER JACKET. The Onion is my new parenting advice source.


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