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When anger is freedom

The other day, I received news that crumpled my soul.

I did what needed to be done to make it through the next few hours. I provided support to those who needed it; I planned simple next steps.

I re-focused on my work and set about doing it, and found some solace in being able to do it. Work is a gift.

And then this anger began to rise.

This anger gave me the courage to speak my mind fully, totally. It burned away the unnecessary pauses and metaphors of fear and shame and left the glare of truth, bare and beautiful.

Anger is traditionally thought to be close to wisdom. When not projected outward onto others or inward toward the self, it gives us the necessary energy and clarity to understand what needs to be done.

- Thanissara, "Don't Worry, Be Angry"

So I accept the gift that this situation gave me, the gift of anger in its right place. Everything in its right place.


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