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less than a day and we wanted to do everything

We had less than twenty four hours by the ocean, just the two of us this time. What did we want to do with that time? What didn't we want to do? We brought everything. We brought books. We were profligate with our book bringing. We brought more than we would ever finish, or start. We brought laptops. That was mostly my fault. We brought shoes, several pairs. Mostly me again. We were there to celebrate a birthday and there were many possible places and ways to meet up with friends. I dusted off (literally dusted off) shoes I never wear and brought them. We brought ideas, so many ideas for conversations we've wanted to have, or to finish. Ideas for poems to write. Ideas about to do lists to make. I wasn't disappointed when we didn't get around to most of that. I've learned that for me, it's best if I just accept what is and work from there. Also, how could I be a jerk who complains when there's an ocean outside and I have eyes and ears and skin to experience it. The best part, in fact, was when I did nothing I intended to do and just watched a seagull glide past, watched kids and adults dig a moat together, watched the ocean waves rolling in from the horizon to the shore. All things just being what they are without any plans at all. *********************** Tweet your thoughts to @Anita_Sarah. Thank you!


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