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inspiration: Monifa's beautiful family!

I couldn't be more proud and inspired by my brilliant and lovely colleague, Monifa Bandele. Her family has been featured in Ebony magazine as The Coolest Black Family in America, No. 40: The Akinwole-Bandeles. Check out this excerpt on Monifa's spouse Lumumba:

Raised in Brooklyn, his home was constantly abuzz with people and activity. “I don’t remember a time when it was just our immediate family in our home,” he says. “Everyone from exiled freedom fighters from South Africa during apartheid, a West African dance troupe, even Nina Simone lived with us,” recalls Lumumba, who works as the senior organizer for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and teaches community organizing at Lehman College.

Read more at EBONY Follow us: @EbonyMag on Twitter | EbonyMag on Facebook That sounds fairly fabulous to me, a home that's always filled with people, many of whom are also artists and critical thinkers. I get so much energy from being around people. The whole article is inspiring and I encourage you to click over to Ebony to check it out! *********************** Tweet your thoughts to @Anita_Sarah. Thank you!

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