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seeking a good story that demonstrates this concept:

The Buddha taught that freedom is going beyond conditions. For me, the people who have been through the harshest conditions—and survived—have the greatest potential to transform the madness of their lives. See, that madness made them who they are. So if they can take that madness, claim it, and stand on top of its incredible energy, they can transform it into power. ~ Vinny Ferraro, The Heartful Dodger

Having faced some obstacles, confusion and losses, and having very occasionally discovered grace that enabled me to let those things go or to transform a circumstance, I appreciate the truth and power of this quote. And yet. The most difficult thing is not necessarily applying that wisdom to my own life; it's communicating it to my young kids. Would it not be so comforting and empowering for them to understand this concept? Maybe there is no easy way to understand it without living through it. Maybe there's a story I could tell them that would make it clear. Anyone know one? There must be a fairy tale or folk tale or parable of some sort that brings this to life. I love a good storytelling challenge. *********************** Tweet your thoughts to @Anita_Sarah. Thank you!


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